Margit Nagy, Ph.D.
Humanities & Social Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Background

  • Ph.D.   University of Washington, Seattle, 1981

  • M.A.   University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1974

  • B.A.   Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX, History (Philosophy), 1966

Professional Memberships

  • Fulbright Association

  • San Antonio Fulbright Association

  • Texas State Historical Association

  • Southwest Conference on Asian Studies

  • Association for Asian Studies

Intellectual Contributions

Presentations of Refereed Papers


Nagy, Margit. (2014). Making Room at the Welcome Table While Remembering the Alamo: Providence and Historical Memory as Change Agents. National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education Conference, Seattle, Washington.


Nagy, Margit. (2014). Dr. Shiga Shigetaka's Monument to the Alamo Heroes (1914-2014) and the Fulbright Experience. Southwest Fulbright Symposium, San Antonio, Texas.


Nagy, Margit. (2014). The Japanese Monument at the Alamo Turns 100: Why and How It Matters. Japan America Society of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas.