Cynthia Medina, M.S.W.
Associate Professor
Worden School of Social Service
College of Professional Studies

Academic Background

  • M.S.W.   University of Hawaii, 1995

Intellectual Contributions

Presentations of Refereed Papers

Galan-Cisneros, Patricia., Thompson, P., & Gomez, R. (2014). Inspiring social work values: Enhancing social work education through socialization and gatekeeping. Council on Social Work Education, Tampa, Florida.

Gomez, Rebecca., Galan-Cisneros, P., & Thompson, P. (2014). Social Work Values: Enhancing Social Work Education through Socialization and Gate-keeping. Council on Social Work Education, Tampa, Florida.

Medina, Cynthia., Le-Doux, Cora., & Thompson, Phyllis. (2014). "Operationalizing EPAS Practice Behaviors in Advanced-Level Field Education: The Strength of Collaboration,". Council on Social Work Education, Miami, Florida.

Medina, Cynthia., Beck, Betty., Hord, Amy., & Plantenga, Derek. (2014). "Successful Field Instruction: Challenges & Opportunities in Supervising NonTraditional and Distance Education Students". Annual NASW-TX State Conference, San Marcos, Texas.

Medina, Cynthia., Beck, Betty., Canales, Gloria., & Silva, Leticia. (2015). "Social Work and Social Media: A Double-Edged Sword? Ethical Implications for Social Work Practice and Field Education. C.J. Collins Symposium, San Antonio, Texas.

Medina, Cynthia. (2014). "Field Educaiton and Ethical Gatekeeping Issues. OLLU & UTSA Joint Social Work Field, San Antonio, Texas.